Steady Cash Rate Good News For Home Buyers In WA


In a new development with Australia’s cash rate, the house land packages Perth will benefit. The Reserve Bank of Australia announced that the official cash rate will be unchanged at two percent. According to David Airey, REIWA President, this decision from the Reserve Bank is great news for West Australia home buyers. Low interest rates The stability of the rates will provide the home buyers with confidence in a slowing market. The property listings in WA are sitting above the long term average and with interest rates at its lowestRead More

How To Increase Web Traffic For B2B And B2C?

Increase-website-traffic site is your source for ribbons that can be used for packaging a gift, for personal adornment, for embellishing clothing and as hair accessory. You school do-it-yourself projects can also be decorated with ribbons or it can highlight a wedding invitation. If you do a search for ribbons on the net, you will find the number of results quite staggering. How will you ensure that will gain the most traffic from visitors? Most business entrepreneurs do not have the same advertising budget as their large counterparts and neitherRead More

Rotary Food Bank Continues Its Tradition


This 15-year old tradition has been the largest event for community wherein Rotarians participate. Rotary Food Bank sets this drive for the Salvation Army where they go door-to-door to collect items from households. Their initial routes include Grande Prairie, Clairmont and Sexsmith. All food that will be collected will go to the Salvation Army Food Bank. According to Ken O’Shea, co-chair of the said event, it all started when they would distribute printed paper bags inserted in the food bank newspaper. The households that would receive the newspaper will putRead More

Investment Engine For Investors


Early this year, HomeUnion investment properties launched a new program that enables investors to search investment properties easily.  HomeUnion is known for bringing into the market, value investing in single-family rental properties (SFR).  Using its own algorithms, HomeUnion has developed a search engine that can filter and identify opportunities for investments from the top 12 SFR markets.  The properties that have been filtered assure the investors of credibility since they would have to go through comprehensive review by the staff and experts in the local market, creating a highly valuableRead More

Why Internet Connection Is Very Slow In Africa

Internet Speed

An increasing number of people are going to to realize their dreams of living without any spectacles or contact lens. Laser eye surgery is quick and painless and it is a procedure that is affordable for most persons. However, if you are planning on laser eye surgery, it makes sense to read all the information available through the internet. The internet is the today’s best source of information including the personal opinions of patients who have undergone the procedure. However, if you are in Nairobi or Lagos, it takesRead More

The Growth In The Market For Home Security Systems


ADT Alarm Systems addresses the need of homeowners and businesses for security. The state of the art home alarm systems provide 24/7 monitoring which means that you are assured of your home and family’s safety even while you are at work. At the push of a button, the local police, fire department and medical team are immediately notified to check on the home emergency and provide the necessary assistance. Home security has become a big business. According to Ibisworld research firm, the market for home security is worth approximately $22Read More

New Web Browser And New Operating System From Microsoft

New Web Browser And New Operating System From Microsoft

On the conference I attended yesterday, one of the guys from Perth Web Design mentioned a breaking news item he has recently read regarding a new browser from Microsoft to go with the new Windows 10 operating system. Internet Explorer was once the dominating browser used by online users but while it is still available, it has gotten a bad reputation because Chrome and Firefox were faster. These are the rival browsers from Google and Mozilla that have overtaken Internet Explorer. According to market researches Google Chrome has outpaced ExplorerRead More

Romanian Family Mourns As 14 Year-Old Teen Drowns After Accidentally Falling Into A Septic Tank


Tragedy strikes Romanian family when a 14 year-old teenage boy drowns after accidentally falling into a septic tank in school. The family is furiously wondering why there was no lock placed on the septic tank and why there were no teachers present. In October 6, 2014, a Romanian family is now mourning the death of 14 year-old Claudiu Cristea when he slipped and fell into a septic tank during lesson break in school. Police say he was overcome by the fumes, passed out and drowned in the waste cesspool. ItRead More

Internet Outage In North Korea

Internet Outage In North Korea

North Korea’s experienced an internet outage after a row with the United States regarding the country’s security online. U.S. experts has reported that internet services was already restored. Meanwhile, officials from South Korea gave no comment regarding the incident. Analysts said that North Korea’s internet access was entirely cut for a period of time. Though there were speculations that China was responsible for the outage, they shut down the rumours immediately claiming that it is unprofessional and can be misleading. China has met with all sides involved in the misunderstandingRead More

Significant Changes That Can Be Expected From Facebook And Twitter

Significant Changes That Can Be Expected From Facebook And Twitter

It is very crucial for marketers to be aware of developments and changes in online marketing strategies to stay ahead of the competition. One of the most recent changes that marketers will see in a few months involves two of the most popular social networking sites, Facebook and Twitter. Many marketers have taken advantage of the marketing opportunities that have been provided by both mediums and any changes can impact heavily on their strategies. No more promotional posts in Facebook According to Forbes, Facebook has recently made an announcement thatRead More

Aurelius Buys ECO Plastics

Aurelius Buys ECO Plastics

Aurelius, a Pan-European investor has bought ECO Plastics ECO Plastics is a plant which reprocesses all materials that can be recycled such as plastic bottles. The investment group did not reveal what the exact value of the company they bought. It is confirmed that Aurelius purchased 100 of ECO Plastics and using its own money. According to Aurelius standard procedures, they are going to supply financially to the company to maintain its current operation and to help improve its operations which are highly specialised. The core purpose of it allRead More

My Little Pony Christmas Wish


According to a recent report by KRQE NEWS 13, New Mexico’s Christmas spending will increase by 3 percent this year. New Mexico researchers think this is mostly due to lower unemployment rate and the decline in the price of gas. It will not sound so surprising if some adoring parents have already started wrapping gifts and putting them under the tree. The question is, what do most kids wish for this Christmas holiday? The answers are compiled by Sumocoupon, an online coupon company, using Google’s online searches and trending items.Read More

Apple Fights To Prevent Jobs’ Video From Being Published In The Internet

Apple Fights To Prevent Jobs

Multi-national Corporation Apple disputed with various media outlets’ attempt to unveil a statement video made in 2011 by former co-creator Steve Jobs yesterday. Lawyers representing Apple claimed that people set to give evidence would be disheartened in doing so knowing that the imagery would be transmitted or utilized in the internet if the video will be made public in a refutation to an action that was filed at the start of the week by CNN, the Associated Press and Bloomberg. The three aforementioned news outlets requested U.S. District Court JudgeRead More

Real Housewives Of Orange County: Tamra Judge Back For Season 10

Real Housewives Of Orange County

Season 10 is looking good for Tamra Judge after confirming she will be back for another drama-filled season. The last season of The Real Housewives of Orange County, season 9, did not end well for Tamra Judge after claiming that Bravo made her look bad by editing some scenes on the previous season. Despite spreading rumours that she has been fired, Tamra Judge confirms that she will be back on the show for season 10. Yes, Real Housewives of Orange County fans, you heard that right! Tamra was interviewed byRead More

Lahr’s Cowardly Lion Costume Sold at Over $3M


Frank Baum’s Wizard of Oz has been retold in many different ways throughout history. The latest one was a 2013 movie entitled Oz the Great and Powerful, which cast was led by actor James Franco and directed by Sam Raimi. While this movie was focused more on the perspective of the Wizard Oz, the original 1939 musical film the Wizard of Oz, focused more on the adventure of Dorothy Gale with the assistance of the Tin Man Hickory, Scarecrow Hunk and the Cowardly Lion Zeke. These characters were given toRead More

Marketing Techniques For 2014 Holiday Season Shopping


Almost all businesses are improving their marketing and promotional strategies because holiday shopping is already in full swing. Predictions are good for business because experts estimate that there will be $100 billion in online sales which is 16% over the sales of last year. In a new report, Business Insider Intelligence report has estimated holiday sales and consumer behavior by tracking marketing techniques that businesses are now implementing to catch up on ecommerce profitability for the holidays. The key points of 2014 holiday season sales trends The expected growth ofRead More

Digital Trends That Can Be Expected For The Coming Year

Digital Trends

It is predicted that the United Kingdom will be the first country in the world that will spend more than half of its advertising investments in digital media due to its obsession with online shopping. It has been forecasted by market services WPP that the UK ad market will hit £15.7 billion in 2015. Within this time, spend for online shopping is expected to break the £8 billion mark with 12.7% growth year on year. This will literally make the UK the first to spend more than £1 of theRead More