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January, 2015


Romanian Family Mourns As 14 Year-Old Teen Drowns After Accidentally Falling Into A Septic Tank

Tragedy strikes Romanian family when a 14 year-old teenage boy drowns after accidentally falling into a septic tank in school. The family is furiously wondering why there was no lock placed on the septic tank and why there were no teachers present. In October 6, 2014, a Romanian family is now mourning the death of 14 year-old Claudiu Cristea when he slipped and fell into a septic tank during lesson break in school. Police say he was overcome by the fumes, passed out and drowned in the waste cesspool. ItRead More

Internet Outage In North Korea

North Korea’s experienced an internet outage after a row with the United States regarding the country’s security online. U.S. experts has reported that internet services was already restored. Meanwhile, officials from South Korea gave no comment regarding the incident. Analysts said that North Korea’s internet access was entirely cut for a period of time. Though there were speculations that China was responsible for the outage, they shut down the rumours immediately claiming that it is unprofessional and can be misleading. China has met with all sides involved in the misunderstandingRead More