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October, 2015


Kylie Jenner’s Reason behind Her Frequently Changing Hairdo

Kylie Jenner explained why she is frequently transforming her look in a recent column on her site and app. The teenager is not hiding anything through her hair. When she was 16, Kylie dyed her hair without her mom, Kris Jenner’s consent. She said the liberating act made her obsessed.  She was addicted then to having new hair style every time. It made her feel like a different person. She fancied over the sense of change. She added that she was thrilled to get out of her house with theRead More

The Tough Call Of Blocking Ads Or Not

Most consumers are now faced with a philosophical dilemma whether to block ads or not block ads on their mobile devices. This surfaced when Apple added a support to companies that block ads to its operating system some weeks ago. The advantages of having ad block software are quite obvious. The consumers can eliminate the clutter brought about by advertisements and promotions while at the same time eradicating the data intensive ads which could be the key in delivering fast web page load times and in saving the batteries ofRead More