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January, 2016


Choosing The Perfect Holiday Gift

Gift giving especially during the holidays can be quite tricky as you want to make sure that the recipient will love or enjoy the gift. There is no rule book when it comes to gifting. According to Margaret who is already 81 years old and has already received quiet a number of gifts in her lifetime, the best gift she has received is the flower box created by her own son outside of her room. The gift came after she transferred into housing for assisted living. This gift has alwaysRead More

Two High School Students Built New Tutors App For Students In Need

Oftentimes, college entrepreneurs get featured in various news sites for creating something remarkable that people can find useful. This time, however, two high school seniors from LA have done something to deserve the spotlight. Dillon Rosenblatt and Tyler Makhani, best friends and high school seniors, have recently built an app that would help parents and students find effective tutors. The app that they have created is called Tutors and it is a mobile platform for on-demand tutoring. The Tutors app have recently gone live and is now helping various studentsRead More