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January, 2017


Early Bird Booking To Make A Dream Cruise Possible

Traditionally, the idea of going on a cruise is reserved only for the affluent and popular celebrities who can afford the expense. However, budget conscious travellers have become more discerning of travel companies and cruise operators. In order to make a dream cruise possible, travellers have started to take advantage of early-bird specials, last-minute deals and one-way routes offered for a discount. According to insiders from travel companies like Travelzoo and, there are a few tried and tested techniques to gain the biggest advantage when booking for a holidayRead More

How WhatsApp Became A Store Front For Those Diamond Rings

There are other ways to purchase that diamond engagement ring aside from going physically to a jewellery store. This other way is true to the modern life: a couple using their smartphones, chatting to a vendor about the latest styles and favourite designs. This is all possible in the WhatsApp group chat. The reasons for using WhatsApp Rare Pink is a start-up which sells bespoke diamond rings. It said that its sales associates are experiencing this same scenario when it began communicating with clients through WhatsApp from early 2015. TenRead More

How To Snatch Waiheke Island Deals

Waiheke Island is the second largest island in the gulf and the most densely populated, also in the gulf area. Being an island, Waiheke is surrounded by pristine waters where you can do so many activities involving the sand and beaches. It has breathtaking view of verdant mountains that can ease out accumulated stress out of day to day tasks. Staying in the island may not be that cheap but you can lower the overall amount by catching Waiheke Island deals.  Here are some ways to get the best dealsRead More

4 Levels Of Certification Under ITIL Training

Information Technology Infrastructure Library or ITIL is a set of procedures and practices that have been proven effective in the IT industry. Nowadays, ITIL is already widely used and practiced among companies including the multinationals because of the way it allows employees to produce better and faster results with cheaper investments. Because of its efficiency, companies offer onsite ITIL training to their employees making the latter assets of the company and are generally sought-after in the industry and job market place. If you are interested to get ITIL certified, oneRead More