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February, 2017


Balloons To Bring Internet To Far Flung Areas All Over The World

Last summer, an internet balloon was launched into the stratosphere of Peru where it stayed for 100 days. This is in line with Project Loon that plans to deliver internet to far flung areas of the world. Project Loon originally thought that they would require hundreds of balloons that will drift aimlessly all over the globe because of the uncertainly of weather in the stratosphere. The balloons that were launched in Peru were equipped with navigational systems that were built around machine-learning techniques to detect subtle patterns in the atmosphericRead More

The Who Traveling To North And South America For Their Tour

It was in 2015 when The Who decided to get back on the road and they have been busy ever since because of their The Who Hits 50! tour. They will resume their tour this summer and according to their manager, they will be touring South America for the very first time since they started. Bill Curbishley, the long-time manager of the group, went on as a guest at the BBC Radio London’s Gary Crowley last January 27. The program he was in was called My London and he talkedRead More

Tools To Turbocharge Content Marketing This 2017

An important development from last year was the change unveiled by Facebook. The businesses that focused on content marketing were hugely affected by the News Feed algorithm modifications of Facebook, that gravely decreased the organic reach. The publishers reported an almost 42% decrease in their referral traffic. The unexpected changes show that brands have to be focused in their audience retention and reach this 2017. This year is the time to adopt new technologies. Thomas Smale, the founder of FE International, wrote about the tools that are going to turbochargeRead More