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June, 2017


Healthcare Industry Welcomes Cybersecurity Applicants

There is a growing need for cybersecurity personnel in all industries. In fact, US show a shortage of them. One of the industries that are trying to attract cybersecurity personnel is the healthcare industry. If you have the right IT skills, you will not only be able to land a job in some healthcare IT company. Reports say that this job is now very much needed in hospitals, where it is said that that three out of four hospitals do not have a qualified cybersecurity personnel, according to a reportRead More

Canvas Prints In Brisbane: 3 Ideal Images To Print

There are certain images that are worth saving. Old photo prints are susceptible from getting damaged especially when exposed to heat and moisture. Surely, you don’t want your precious moments to be ruined by natural elements especially when you have the option to transform those photos into canvas prints in Brisbane. Canvas prints are durable, moisture and heat resistant and its natural properties allows for long lasting hanging of the project on your wall. Here are some great ideas for canvas printing: Images of loved ones Some of the mostRead More

4 Aspects To Prepare For Corporate Activities 

Conducting corporate activities can be tasking and would need more hands than you can imagine. You might even need to seek for vendors and external contractors just to obtain services and materials beyond your organization. You also need to prepare before the event, during and even after its completion. There is a long list of things to prepare to make the activity successful but some of the important aspects to prepare included the following. Budgetary allocations To be realistic about it, you just cannot make things happen or hold anRead More