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Thursday, January 25th, 2018


China Finishes World’s First Solar Highway

Queensland is currently working hard on finding new ways to innovate on renewable energy for the country of Australia, with its new EV strategy, and plans to install several solar panels on the Gold Coast in order to create a solar-powered Electric Super Highway, which the government is looking to connect Gold Coast to Cairns. But, China, which has recently acquired a reputation as one of the world’s leaders in renewable energy, has beaten the Sunshine State to the punch. China recently opened the world’s first solar highway designed forRead More

The Importance Of Office Environment In Employee And Client Retention

A stress-free office fitout can be achieved through plasterer in Sydney whom you can rely on to handle your project from start to finish. Plasterers and painters understand that quality is a must when it comes to an interior job that is why they provide the best and most professional service to their clients. In modern workplaces, it is no longer surprising to find video games, ping-pong tables and pool tables. They are placed in the office so that employees can have some recreation during their downtime. It is aRead More

Use Organic Skin Care Products To Treat The Skin With Care

The skin is the largest organ of the human body. It needs a lot of caring so that it will look healthy and glowing. It can also have obvious signs of aging and will need specific treatments to maintain a youthful glow. However, we ought to know the type of skincare products that really suits our skin. Using harmful chemicals can suppress the skin problems and will never treat them. So what we need is organic skin care products to gently handle the skin like that of a newborn. TheRead More