February, 2018


How Will The Internet Of Things Affect Business?

Gone are the days when the only way you can buy furniture is to go furniture stores that have limited stock due to the bulk and weight of the products. Today, it is very easy and convenient to buy office furniture online with free design service to be able to visualize the finished item. On the other hand, have you ever asked yourself how the internet of things will affect the furniture business? Last year, the global market value of internet of things (IoT) has reached more than one trillionRead More

Apple UK Went Under Tax Audit

The tax struggles experienced by Apple is not shocking news as it has been well documented before. The most recent news is that the company went under an extensive audit that required them to pay more tax bill. According to a financial news company, Apple was mandated to give a payment of £136 million in the United Kingdom. As big as the company is, many are confident they have audit insurance thus they may have very little to worry about. The extensive audit was conducted by the HM Revenue andRead More

Small Businesses Succeed Because They Are Customer-Centric

In order to provide a better experience for their customers, Kawasaki motorcycle dealers put their customers at the centre of the business. If they build a positive customer experience before and after a sale, it is very likely that the customer will be retained to return for another purchase in the future. The business environment has become highly competitive so that attracting and retaining customers becomes very critical to business survival. However, some businesses put a different meaning to customer-centric; they think that is nothing more than just creating sophisticatedRead More