April, 2018


Sukhumvit Hotels Can Be Cheap Or Expensive Depending On Your Preference

Inexpensive and luxury Sukhumvit hotels are scattered all over Bangkok. These famous hotels provide a comfortable stay for their guests. Booking in cheap hotels in Thailand will definitely help you save money for your accommodations. However, if you are out for a luxury stay, you can also find five-star and four-star hotels complete with amenities and services most suited for your needs. Definitely, you will want to learn about Thailand’s authentic culture, the spectacular beaches and hospitable people. The country expects more travellers coming to see their land every year.Read More

Argentina Working On Expanded Abortion Rights

Abortion is a touchy subject for latin women and lawmakers, due to the heavy conservative influence across the region. But Argentina has been making steps towards expanded abortion rights. On the 6th of March, over 70 members for the Argentine Congress pledged support for a bill that would decriminalize abortion, allowing Argentinean women to get legal abortion within the first 14 weeks of their pregnancy, without being hit with criminal charges, regardless of the reason for the abortion. In the past 13 years, Congress has received 6 similar bills, whichRead More

Consumer Perception On AR And VR Digital Marketing Campaigns

Demand for two-wheeled vehicles is quite high but it does not mean that Honda motorbike dealers must rely on the popularity of the Honda brand. There are literally hundreds of motorcycles being offered by dealers in different brands like Suzuki, Triumph, Harley-Davidson and Piaggio. To make sure that the dealership is at the forefront in the minds of consumers, proper digital marketing strategies must be undertaken. In the past decade, online marketing has been in an upward trend with search engines and social media platforms delivering advertiser’s messages. However, onlineRead More

Union Recommending Assessment Of Cleaning Products

Commercial cleaning products are used by office cleaning services in Sydney but what happens if these products are found out to be harmful to human health? According to a union responsible for the welfare of cleaning staff known as GMB, it is recommended that the employers together with the government should perform an inspection on the products utilized by the cleaners. The recommendation came after the study conducted by a University of Bergen’s researchers. The university is based in Norway and the team found out that if a person isRead More