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Saturday, September 15th, 2018


Cyber Security Solutions For Small Businesses

The internet has become very important for small businesses because it made them easily searchable and more accessible to consumers. For example, an event planner can communicate directly with marquee hire in Melbourne through its website. However, there are also critical issues online that can compromise the integrity of a business whether big or small. Cyber security breaches have destroyed businesses one after the other. This motivated the creation of a security management portal specifically for small businesses. It is devastating for a company to close its doors after aRead More

Reaching A Wider And More Targeted Audience Through The Internet

The power of the internet allows small businesses like wedding caterer in Sydney to reach a much wider targeted audience with better direct communication. This leads to increased engagement between the business and its customers. It also enhances the value of the customer during the business relationship. In terms of economic value, it is more efficient with improved returns and pricing. Because of the internet, money goes back to the entrepreneur’s pocket although it is delivered through a different channel. There are no middlemen or big-box stores and supply chainRead More