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October, 2018


Piracy Sites And Other Online Platforms Reported By The ESA For Undermining Gaming And Gaming Companies’ Business Models

The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) recently filed a report against piracy sites and online vendors selling cheap CD keys, accounts, and subscriptions undermining the United States market for interactive gaming.   The ESA The ESA is an organization that represents companies in the video gaming industry, including Square Enix, EA, Konami, Nintendo, Activision, Microsoft, and Capcom. It aims to voice out the company’s concerns in the industry, and specifically in this case, the rising popularity of sites that provide pirated content and other cheats that undermine the gaming experience.  Read More

The Lure Of Food Scene In Bangkok

When you visit Asia, you will know that many of its cities and people are attached to street food. By far, the most popular street food capital in Southeast Asia is the capital of Thailand, Bangkok. This is one of the reasons why tourists are booking flights and staying at Novotel in Bangkok because they wanted to experience first-hand the street foods the buzzing city has to offer. Bangkok is not the only city aspiring to put its city on the map for the food it has to offer. SingaporeRead More

The Ill-Conceived Right To Be Forgotten

The location of a hotel is very important when choosing accommodations because it will be more convenient to access a multitude of attractions. Whether you are travelling to Bangkok for business or leisure, your best option is a hotel in Ploenchit that is situated in the heart of the city. The hotel is also a perfect location for meetings and conferences because of the standard up-to-date amenities. Meanwhile, the European Union’s highest court is expected to rule on one of the most controversial topics regarding the internet – the rightRead More

Why 5 Star Hotels In Saigon And What To Do In Vietnam

Downtown Saigon is a combination of the old world and fast-paced modernity.  Right next to modern sky scrapers are colonial era buildings where one may notice that it’s a city under construction. Vietnam is quickly changing these past few years and you’ll find it clearly in the chaotic streets of District 1. But even with the change, you’ll have several things to see and do in this country. For starters, you can begin by booking in 5 star hotels in Saigon for your accommodation. A Panoramic View from the BitexcoRead More