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Thursday, November 1st, 2018


How Staying In A New Hotel In Sukhumvit Can Take You To Nice Places In Bangkok

As the capital of Thailand, Bangkok has been remembered globally not just as a financial city, but a party hub and the many great sights. It’s also the gateway to the most marvellous islands, where most travellers come to visit. In this city, you’ll enjoy shopping, dining and the nightlife. Here you’ll know why you need to accommodate yourself in a new hotel in Sukhumvit or other districts of the city. You’re definitely here for the best neighbourhoods in Bangkok. Sukhumvit The best neighbourhood to stay and where the heartRead More

Japan Seeing Burial Urns Piling Up Amid Fraying Familial Ties

Unclaimed cremation urns containing the ashes of the duly departed are piling up all across Japan, left destitute and creating storage problems for the country as a result of weakening familial ties and economic pressures amidst the country’s rapid aging. In Japan, the dead are usually cremated at public expense, and, as such, are identified and known. However, in most cases, relatives either refuse or ignore requests to collect the remains, due, in part, to burials being expensive and time-consuming, a burden that’ll fall on relatives who might barely knowRead More