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February, 2019


Music Industry Fighting Back Against ‘Fee Free’ Regulation

Music events, common across the AU and the world, are great for companies that handle marquee hire in Brisbane and across the country, and the NSW government is aware of that fact, with a new regulation reportedly aimed at promoting the music scene. Gladys Berejiklian’s government announced that licenses for low-risk music festivals in NSW will be free under the government’s new licensing scheme. The scheme is set to start on March 1, with Minister for Racing Paul Toole saying that the state’s vibrant music scene needs to be protectedRead More

Data Centres Protected From Even The Most Sophisticated Threats

Why pay for electricity when there is solar on the Gold Coast that can eliminate your power bills? Electricity is an indispensable part of life but if you live in Australia where the sun shines for most of year, you can reduce electricity bills when the unlimited potential of the sun’s energy is harnessed. Meanwhile, the internet is or has already become an indispensable need for majority of people in almost every part of the globe. From being a source of information and tool for communication, the internet has alsoRead More

No Profit For Harley-Davidson Because Of Trump Tariffs

Harley-Davidson Inc is already considered an icon in America when it comes to producing motorbikes. The company has also venture to motorbike protective clothing and other accessories yet the last quarter was not a good one for them as they almost did not even reach the breakeven point. This is because of the challenges they had to face with the trade wars that were initiated by US President Donald Trump. The shares of the motorcycle manufacture took a dive as the highest recorded since. The manufacturer which is headquartered inRead More

National Aquatic Animal Of Thailand Announced

Many tourists are flocking to Thailand with bookings in villa in Koh Tao or reservations in hotel in Bangkok but very few came to the country prepared. Most of the time, those who are serious about visiting Thailand, even learn the basic phrases of the language in order to communicate with the locals. In a recent announcement, the kingdom has announced that it has officially recognized the Siamese fighting fish as Thailand’s aquatic animal. The Siamese fighting fish carry a unique feature because of its tiny but eye-catching fin withRead More

How To Get The Best Buy From Courier Quotes

Are you searching for proofs to guarantee you are getting the right price for a courier service? Ask for courier quotes to know more about the courier company. If you have chosen the best ones, they can provide professional shipping that saves you time, effort and money. Hiring a courier service will improve customer satisfaction and may increase your profit margins. So, if hiring a courier service, ensure you get quotes for every shipping request. They will help determine the cost of a shipping destination and the product type. EspeciallyRead More

A Brief Glimpse On The History Of The Internet

Some of the most important elements of an office are modern office furniture, computers and laptops and internet connectivity. It is very rare to find an office without internet connection because almost everything today from communication to business correspondence depends on technology. According to John Warnock, when he entered the office of Palo Alto Research Centre (PARC) in 1978, the manager, secretaries and researchers have personal computers that were connected to the Ethernet, with access to file servers and laser printers. This was 3 years before IBM introduced the personalRead More

Motorbike Series Of Kawasaki Dealer

Kawasaki is one of the most popular motorcycle brands in the world. The company had humble beginnings way back in 1878 when Shozo Kawasaki established the company in Tokyo known as Tsukiji Shipyard. Until today, Kawasaki prides itself as it continues to diversify its products. Teamwork and hard work are the main ingredients that contributed to the company’s success and leadership in the motorbike industry. The popularity and reputation of Kawasaki brand make a Kawasaki dealer assured that all Kawasaki motorbikes are reliable and have dependable quality standards. Thus, KawasakiRead More

How Removalists In Sydney Can Provide A Smooth Relocation

Congrats! You have skipped the rather hectic side of moving out and engaging in removalists in Sydney. You will just have to sit back and watch how your furniture and other belongings are skilfully handled. You will just have to pay your removalists for the great move they have done. But just like any service, you need to check their responsibilities and payment, to know you’re hiring the best removalist. Start with Instant Online Moving Quotes Just like availing any other services, you need to ask quotes to know howRead More