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June, 2019


How To Determine Whether A Website Is A Fraud

One product that has gained the attention of many parents is mosquito repellent patches that are being sold online. Parents try everything possible to prevent mosquitoes from biting their children particularly since these insects are carriers of diseases. No skin contact is required with the patches and they are suitable for all ages including newborn children. Most websites that you will encounter online are legitimate but there are also online retailers that do not deliver. Internet fraud has many forms from email phishing to obtain credit card and bank informationRead More

Aussies Embracing Fintech Products

More and more Aussies are embracing digitalization when it comes to seeking financial help, turning to their financial advice website or financial technology app of choice. Professional services firm Ernst & Young wanted to see what the numbers were, and released the data. The firm recently released the EY Global FinTech Adoption Index 2019, which noted that the AU is now only slightly behind the world’s consumer uptake average, which sits at 64%. Australia’s fintech adoption rate went up from 37%, recorded back in 2017. Meanwhile, SME fintech adoption sitsRead More

Mobile Apps For Banking As India Cracks Down On ATMs

It has been evident in the past two years that bank ATM installation companies are finding it hard to meet the standards of security set by the central bank in India, thus reducing their ability to keep their automated teller machines active. The software and upgrades for equipment required by the central bank has proven too costly, leading to a lot of ATMs shutting down. India has now been placed in the lowest of BRICS countries in terms of ATMs per 100,000, as shown by the numbers revealed by theRead More

LTO Handles Noisy Motorcycles Once More

The public is not happy with the increasing number of motorcycles that have noisy exhaust systems. This might be a rare complaint with brands such as Aprilia bikes but in the Philippines this is quite common. Due to the rising complaints from the general public, the head of the Land Transportation Office, Edgar Galvante, has decided to release a memorandum to authorize an operation for crackdown of motorcycles with the noisy exhaust systems as the target. The sound is not only unpleasant to the ears but it is already treatedRead More

Japanese-Styled Super Hotel Now Open In Thilawa

In light of the recent crawl of foreign investment for Myanmar’s budding economy, the Japanese-owned Super Hotel Co. opened to the public its second hotel in the country, counting on an increase of travel from Japan for business purposes.   This second hotel, under the name Super Hotel Myanmar Thilawa, boasts features that make it identifiably Japanese in the modern era, one of them being the 129 rooms outfitted with bidets or “washlets”. The new hotel in Myanmar is an estimated hour drive from the country’s commercial capital, Yangon, asRead More

Inventor Blames Taxman For Damaged Business And Reputation

An inventor recently introduced a shipping system that is under testing in B.C. ports but things started going south for him when the taxman meddled with his business. The worst part is that he was not able to get insurance against tax investigation which should have prevented him from now reaching a penniless state. Now pleas are being submitted to give the inventor, David Elderfield, a break from all the tax assessments he has been going through. Unfortunately, these petitions are only set from one office to another in theRead More

The Snafu Of Internet-Connected Door Locks

How safe is your home? Are the locks in your doors secure? If not, contact a trustworthy locksmith in Brisbane to improve the door lock security. Home security lock upgrades are very crucial particularly if there has been an increase in crimes and burglaries in your area. You certainly do not want to be on the list of victims. It never hurts to be proactive when it comes to home security. For protection, locksmiths can add deadbolts at the entrance doors. The deadbolts cannot be manipulated by burglars because ofRead More

Revitalizing Town Centres By Imposing Higher Taxes On Online Businesses

An individual or business must always expect and prepare for a tax audit. Even the most random audits can cost a lot of money. An effective protection against considerable costs is Audit Shield, an insurance that covers professional accounting fees should a random audit be conducted on an individual or the business. According to Andy Street, the mayor of West Midlands, online retailers like Amazon must pay more taxes so that struggling town centres can be transformed into free trade zones. Retailers on high street are being crippled by theRead More

Different Properties Of Floor Tiles To Choose From

When you visit a website such as to choose for new floor tiles for your kitchen, the options might be overwhelming and you might not know what to choose from the get-go. This is why it is important to conduct at least a few hours of research prior to ordering. First, it is important to know that there are tiles suitable for every kitchen type. For the modern kitchen, it is best to use ceramic tiles because aside from being the most commonly used, it is designed to beRead More

LA Metro Installs Ad-Funded Info Screens For Citizens

The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) will be needing digital screen installation, as they’ve recently partnered up with Intersection in order to install a new digital communication and ad network on the Southern part of the Metro Blue line, as part of their rail line upgrade initiative dubbed “New Blue”. The new IxNTouch information screens, powered by the IxNConnect communications platform pioneered by Intersection, will be installed at several stations in the Metro Blue Line, specifically those between Long Beach and Compton. Metro is working with digital screenRead More

How To Find A Good Shoplifting Lawyer

Getting a good lawyer is one of the most important steps in winning alegal defense, but it needs your time to do research. Choose a lawyer who has dealt a case like your issue. This may take time. You can use different approaches in your search to get the best results. Shoplifting cases are quite common in many places especially in stores where the security measures are not strong. When one commits the crime of shoplifting, he or she needs to get a shoplifting lawyer to handle the case. ToRead More