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Friday, June 14th, 2019


Inventor Blames Taxman For Damaged Business And Reputation

An inventor recently introduced a shipping system that is under testing in B.C. ports but things started going south for him when the taxman meddled with his business. The worst part is that he was not able to get insurance against tax investigation which should have prevented him from now reaching a penniless state. Now pleas are being submitted to give the inventor, David Elderfield, a break from all the tax assessments he has been going through. Unfortunately, these petitions are only set from one office to another in theRead More

The Snafu Of Internet-Connected Door Locks

How safe is your home? Are the locks in your doors secure? If not, contact a trustworthy locksmith in Brisbane to improve the door lock security. Home security lock upgrades are very crucial particularly if there has been an increase in crimes and burglaries in your area. You certainly do not want to be on the list of victims. It never hurts to be proactive when it comes to home security. For protection, locksmiths can add deadbolts at the entrance doors. The deadbolts cannot be manipulated by burglars because ofRead More