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Thursday, July 11th, 2019


DIY Is Not For Everything Or Everyone

Aussies, much like the rest of the world are very fond of reality TV shows. One kind of reality TV focuses on DIY for home renovations. One such show is The Block and has influenced many to the extent that they believe that they can do DIY for everything in the home, especially when the draw is that people are able to save on the labour part of the budget. As a professional renovator, Cheri Barber actually agrees, but only up to the extent that safety, results, and regulations, allow.Read More

Why Was June A Bad Month For The Internet?

The only time that you will need the internet at Fairmont Maldives is when you need to post your selfies in social media. You won’t need the internet to snorkel or scuba dive. Do not miss the opportunity to experience life in a giant aquarium. This is your only chance to watch seas turtles up close. The biggest and most important stories about the internet June was a bad month for the internet with several major internet outages that affected millions of people all over the world. Images do notRead More