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May, 2020


Facebook To Provide Faster Internet Access To Africa

It is very likely that you have come across the name Maria Rabinky when you were searching online for bird’s eye view maps or map illustrations. Map illustrators have websites to generate an online presence. Their artworks can be found in popular sites like Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn to reach their target audience. The problem is there are areas across the world that do not have access to the internet. This is the reason why Facebook is working with telecom companies in building 37,000 kilometers or 23,000 miles of undersea cableRead More

5 Safety Tips For Driving Around Large Trucks Of Titan Transline

Driving large trucks of Titan Transline or other commercial trucks can be risky. The risks of getting into an accident with these trucks are increased because they cannot be easily maneuvered, the blind spots are bigger and it takes longer for such trucks to stop compared to a regular vehicle. Here are some ways to remain safe while driving around large truck. Maintain a safe distance The prescribed safe distance around large trucks is 20 feet in front of the truck and 30 feet behind it. When moving alongside theRead More