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July, 2020


Hong Kong Journalists And Lawyers Working To Meet New Security Law

Journalists and lawyers operating in Hong Kong were thrown for a loop with the recently implemented national security law from the mainland. The new national security law is controversial, due to overly broad terms and the appointment of a party hardliner to lead a new government security agency. The person who’ll be in charge of the new government security agency, which can have security agents from the mainland operating in Hong Kong without restrictions thanks to the new law, is Zheng Yanxiong, known for the handling of pro-democracy protests inRead More

Content Marketing During The Pandemic

Why should parents choose home tuition when there are group tuition centres that are cheaper? Content available through the website explains the benefits of having a home tutor that provides individualized attention to the student. The tutor can focus his undivided attention to the student’s weaknesses and apply the necessary tutoring to achieve positive results. Marketing for a brand must focus on empathy to people who are experiencing pain, isolation and unpredictability during the pandemic. Results from a poll of 100 professionals from different industries reveal that the biggest lessonRead More

Collective Memories On Coronavirus Pandemic On Wikipedia

Even before the pandemic, the internet is the people’s source of relevant information and entertainment. Job seekers would access King Kong agency review to gain behind the scenes information on the workplace environment and culture. Wikipedia, a free online encyclopaedia has become a reference for most students. The first article on Wikipedia regarding the coronavirus appeared online at 11:58 AM Eastern Daylight on January 5, 2020. The first edits to the single sentence post were made by James Heilman, an emergency physician. The first edits were relatively minor but itRead More