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September, 2020


What Works Best For The Logistics Industry – Wi-Fi Or Cellular Network

Going into 2020, the logistics industry specifically 3PL provider Titan Transline knew that innovation will be very important in refining and expanding operations. Demand for ecommerce was growing and there was stiffer competition in most markets. These factors offered plenty of motivation to the logistics industry. But then, the world was hit by the coronavirus. Virus or no virus, leaders in the logistics industry would agree that visibility has increased in recent years. IoT devices are growing in utility and usage. Connected devices are allowing logistics companies to effectively monitorRead More

Why Internet Access Is Absolutely Important

People are staying home and shopping through the internet. They have more time to read customer opinions like king kong advertising reviews before making a purchasing decision. Reviews are similar to word-of-mouth recommendations that consumers trust. However, a certain phenomenon was noticed since the pandemic set in. People are gathering around New York libraries trying to catch Wi-Fi outside the doors.  People do not have access to Broadband internet so they sit outside the libraries doing their work. According to Gloria Riario who oversees nine libraries in the Catskill region,Read More

Microsoft 10 Version 2004 Update Causing Problems To Laptops

A digital agency discovered a powerful marketing strategy through king kong agency review that provides users with an insight on its goals and objectives. Online reviews can deliver a reliable and consistent flow of leads and sales effortlessly. Meanwhile, a new flaw was discovered in the latest version of Microsoft 10 that could prevent users from accessing the internet. Microsoft has admitted that the flaw could affect laptops with certain LTE modems that are being used to connect to the internet through 3G/4G mobile broadband. The modems might show “noRead More