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October, 2020


Yelp To Tag Venues For Racist Behaviour

With the power in a single king kong marketing agency review, it stands to reason that any flags on them, or any online review, can have a great effect on businesses. This is something the online review platform Yelp knows all too well, having been built on the whole idea. The review site is taking its stand against racism with its latest announcement; flagging businesses hit with conclusive evidence of racist behaviour. The directive will take effect throughout North America, and will consider public attention, review content, as well asRead More

Comcast Called On To Bridge The Digital Divide

The new normal for law firms today is the adaption of technology tools in the delivery of legal services. The internet plays a big role in internal discussions and interactions with colleagues and clients in the virtual environment. Client meetings and discussions are conducted remotely through video conferencing platforms under the radically changed circumstances. However, the big issue is slow and unreliable internet connection that happens multiple times during the day. The issue is not only affecting the remote work of lawyers but the education of students. According to GenesisRead More