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5 Safety Tips For Driving Around Large Trucks Of Titan Transline

Driving large trucks of Titan Transline or other commercial trucks can be risky. The risks of getting into an accident with these trucks are increased because they cannot be easily maneuvered, the blind spots are bigger and it takes longer for such trucks to stop compared to a regular vehicle. Here are some ways to remain safe while driving around large truck.

Maintain a safe distance

The prescribed safe distance around large trucks is 20 feet in front of the truck and 30 feet behind it. When moving alongside the truck, slow down so the driver can see you. Take note that large trucks have more blind spot and the driver may not easily see you. Keep your lights on low-beam when approaching a truck to prevent blinding the driver.

Allow safe passing

It is safer to approach a large truck from the left side because the driver can better see you. Make sure to signal clearly and in advance before passing the Titan Transline truck and your distance should remain constant. Make sure that you keep a safe distance from the truck after you merged back into the lane.

Provide more time

It takes longer time for large trucks to react so make sure to provide more time for drivers to maneuver. When approaching a traffic light, slow down and maintain a safe distance from the vehicle. When changing lanes, always activate your signal in advance to allow the driver to have more time to adjust.

Watch wide turns

Larger trucks take more space in making turns compared to an average vehicle. If you are behind a truck and you are approaching an intersection, keep a safe distance because large trucks would require more room to turn. Do not pass a truck when it has its turn signal on.

Fasten your seat belt 

As always, whether you are around a Titan Transline truck or not, it is always advisable for drivers to wear their safety seat belts on. Not only it is a law, seatbelts can keep you safe while on the road and it can also save lives.

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