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A Brief Glimpse On The History Of The Internet

Some of the most important elements of an office are modern office furniture, computers and laptops and internet connectivity. It is very rare to find an office without internet connection because almost everything today from communication to business correspondence depends on technology.

According to John Warnock, when he entered the office of Palo Alto Research Centre (PARC) in 1978, the manager, secretaries and researchers have personal computers that were connected to the Ethernet, with access to file servers and laser printers. This was 3 years before IBM introduced the personal computer.

Warnock joined the researchers of PARC in California and he innovated many of the computing tools that are being taken for granted. For those who have not heard of Warnock, his expertise in computer graphics helped in improving drive innovation at PARC. Warnock’s visit to the Silicon Slopes Tech Summit reminded everyone of Utah’s tech history that preceded the birthdates of most of the tech experts who gathered to celebrate the state’s innovation success.

In the early 60’s, 12 research centres at US universities focused their attention on computer science research. University of Utah was among the institutions that focused on man/machine interactions. Top computer scientists were recruited for the research that will connect each effort to an untried concept of real time or electronic communications on a shared network.

In 1968, the best computer scientists of the world met and approved a communications network that will connect all the centres together. That was the start of ARPA-Net which is now called as the internet. Warnock who was a graduate student during that time attended the meeting.

According to Warnock, innovation is the heart of every business success. Research and hard work can drive innovation but there is a need for exceptional engineers and computer scientists. This means that the tech sector must continue to train talent and hire smart people.

On the other hand, employees become more productive when there is modern office furniture that will ensure their comfort and well being. Office furniture can be designed to maximize space and functionality without compromising aesthetic values. A workplace that is comfortable, modern and durable can be created through furniture that can last for years.

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