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Apple Alters Maps And Weathers App To Display Crimea As Part Of Russia’s Territory

Within Russia, users of Apple’s Maps and Weather apps will notice a little change with the world map. For those people, Crimea is now listed as part of Russia’s territory, with appropriate map artwork in the app to show. The move was reported by BBC News, and is the second time that the tech giant has kowtowed to a specific government’s ideas and demands in order to keep its services and products in circulation. Recently, the company took a lot of heat in October for outright removing the Taiwanese flag emoji from iOS keyboard of Hong Kong users.

BBC News reported that Apple had been talking with Russia for the past months about the whole ‘annexation of Crimea’ issue, and had plans to leave Crimea as part of undefined territory. However, Russia’s government apparently wasn’t satisfied with this.

In response, Apple conceded, displaying Crimea, as well as Sevastopol, on their devices and apps as part of Russian territory, with the Russian State Duma saying on its site that Crimea’s former listing  as separate from the country as ‘inaccuracy’ that was finally rectified by the company. As a result of the changes that Apple made to its apps and corresponding map artwork, the State Duma said that Apple Maps and Weather are now in compliance with Russia’s legislation.

Naturally, media outlets have approached the tech company for comments on the matter.

Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, has long been a defender of company policy with regards to sticking with local regulations in the countries it operates in. During a Fortune event back in 2017, he stated that when one goes to a country and plays on its market, then they are subject to that particular country’s laws and regulations, adding that people in that country’s market shouldn’t bring the rules that they want to be there, but the ones that are actually in implementation.

Cook stated that every country in the world makes their own laws, and that leaves companies and people who want to work in that market to choose whether they’ll participate or stand on the sidelines. He went and stated that he believed that participation is the way to go as, in his eyes, change doesn’t start from the sidelines.

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