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Apple Fights To Prevent Jobs’ Video From Being Published In The Internet

Multi-national Corporation Apple disputed with various media outlets’ attempt to unveil a statement video made in 2011 by former co-creator Steve Jobs yesterday.

Lawyers representing Apple claimed that people set to give evidence would be disheartened in doing so knowing that the imagery would be transmitted or utilized in the internet if the video will be made public in a refutation to an action that was filed at the start of the week by CNN, the Associated Press and Bloomberg.

The three aforementioned news outlets requested U.S. District Court Judge Yvonne Gonzales Rogers on Monday to compel the corporation to make public a video of Jobs that was made back in April 2011. The statement was in use for class action proceedings contending that Apple throttled their oppositions by impeding shoppers from playing music that they obtained from digital music shop adversaries on the shoppers’ iPods.

At the moment, the case is examined by a federal jury in Oakland in the state of California.

The three news outlets wanted to get a hand of the whole video statement even though 27 minutes of the statements were already presented to the jury on December 5 and the video’s transcript has already been released. A lawyer for the three news outlets claimed that since the statement has already been utilized in court, there is now an intense assumption that it can now be retrieved freely by the press and the public.

Apple, however, argued against it by saying that there was no such thing as a First Amendment right to the videos, whether from an affidavit or a federal trial, and that nothing in the video that Jobs made would spark interest from the public.

Apple added that the three news outlets only wanted to get their hands on the videos based solely on their desire for increased number of page views and TV ratings.

And lastly, the lawyers refused to make Jobs the face of the on the lawsuit, especially since Jobs was weak and fragile at that time.

Jobs made the video statement all throughout the period of his very last medical leave from his job as the CEO of Apple and months before his death in October 2011 from pancreatic cancer.

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