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Apple Suddenly Removes Reviews

With the importance of online presence, online reviews are more important now than ever. That’s why companies put a lot of stock into those King Kong SEO reviews and the like.

So, when Apple quietly removed their Reviews and Ratings section from its online stores, people took notice.

Appleinsider was the first to take notice of the change, which happened suddenly and quietly over a weekend late November 2019 in Apple’s US, UK, and Australian stores, all at the same time. The media outlet notes that this is a sign that this change was a deliberate move, as it would’ve been nearly impossible for such a thing to happen in several countries at the same time.

Apple received requests for comments on the matter from several outlets, but didn’t respond immediately, leaving customers and media outlets alike wondering what the company’s reasoning could be for this move.

Appleinsider took note of the fact that a fair amount of reviews on the company’s online store were not only negative, but particularly negative, and were still allowed to stay up, left untouched by Apple. This was seen by many as a sign of the company’s transparency, relatively speaking. Like how King Kong SEO reviews shows how upfront companies are.

The media outlet put out a side-by-side comparison of Apple’s online store, with one having the Ratings & Reviews section still up. The other, a capture from the very next day, had that particular section of the site inexplicably missing.

The move will make it hard for customers to discern whether or not a particular product is worth getting, with products like Apple’s 3.5mm jack headphone adapter being noteworthy in this regard. The Verge noted that the adapter was hit with more than 700 one-star reviews from Apple’s customers, with complaints saying that the products were particularly prone to breaking after only short periods of use. One particular Reddit post noted a user who went through eight of the things.

Thanks to the sudden change, customers buying Apple products won’t be able to look or post user reviews, which will increase the chances of someone buying a faulty or low-quality product.

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