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Are Search Engines Bad For Financial Health?

Google has been in existence for 20 years and yet it has remained to be the world’s most popular brand. More than 80% of internet searches in the United Kingdom use Google from plumbing services to specific products like Texas Illustrated Map. In terms of global market share for searches, 90% relies on Google.

There is plenty of debate on the amount of influence that Google has over politics and public opinion including personal finances. Even with other search engines fighting for attention people have been so used to Google to find whatever they want, wherever they may be at any time. Google has certainly changed the world dramatically including financial matters for the better.

Google as well as other search engines allow customers to find the best deals and more affordable prices. Because of search engines, many providers of financial services were prompted to publish guides and easy-to-understand information so that they will rank higher than competitors in search engine results. It has also become easier to find contact information when a response is needed for a financial query.

However, the efficiency and convenience of the internet also has its share of risks. Google and other search engines make it easy for shoppers to find better deals so they focus only on price and not the credibility of the business. Hargreaves Lansdown suggests that consumers must do a little research before making a purchasing decision. The company can be goggled as well as reviews and complaints to avoid a great deal of trouble.

Google’s algorithms are great for searches but it is focused on making advertisements better. Ad technology through Google and other online platforms influence people to make impulse purchases. It is critical to assess whatever information is found online and avoid assuming that all blogs provide accurate information. There are incorrect or misleading advices that can affect your finances.

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