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Aurelius Buys ECO Plastics

Aurelius, a Pan-European investor has bought ECO Plastics

ECO Plastics is a plant which reprocesses all materials that can be recycled such as plastic bottles. The investment group did not reveal what the exact value of the company they bought. It is confirmed that Aurelius purchased 100 of ECO Plastics and using its own money. According to Aurelius standard procedures, they are going to supply financially to the company to maintain its current operation and to help improve its operations which are highly specialised. The core purpose of it all is to plan the company’s future and growth.

ECO Plastics is based on Hemswell and operates one of the world’s leading reprocessing plants. Every year, it can sort out 150,000 tonnes of bottles. In UK’s collection of plastic bottles every year, ECO plastics is responsible for the 35%.

Beginning in 2000, ECO plastics has played such a great role in the recycling sector of UK. By partnering with other major companies, it has developed a new type of recycled plastic called rPET which stands for Recycled Polyethylene Terephtalate.

ECO Plastics will be a great asset for Aurelius because of its strong position in UK’s marketplace. Despite the change of ownership, it will be business as usual for all parties involved. With Aurelius great track record, Eco Plastics operation and growth will not be a question.

This acquisition is not just great development for ECO Plastics but a start of a promising future for the recycling sector in the UK. Aurelius will take ECO Plastics to the next level, bringing not just fresh ideas and financial support but rather more importantly, a shared vision to develop UK’s economy.

This is not the first plastic business that Aurelius has acquired. Prior to ECO Plastics, the company bought Wellman International – a business in line on the same sector. Wellman International is Europe’s leading PET bottle recycler and producer of fibre products made in polyester.

ECO Plastics has a project with Coca Cola and WRAP called “Continuum Recycle”. This venture requires Coca Cola to ensure 25% of its bottles are the recycled ones supplied by ECO Plastics.

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