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US On Alert For Cyberattacks Supported By Iranian Gov’t

Following the recent assassination of Iran’s top military officer, Qassem Soleimani, the US has shored up its cyber security, and has been on high alert for any form of retaliation from Iran, even from third-party hackers and cyberterrorists that the country might be quietly backing. Experts in the US are warning about potential assaults on key IT systems in the US, alongside disinformation efforts, which they say might be focused on disrupting key cyber-infrastructure, like municipal, corporate, or government IT systems, to logistics, transport, healthcare, and even US military installations.Read More

7 Tips For A Successful Exterminator Services

Fleas are common insects that generally affect pets and can be found in houses or residential areas with domesticated animals. Although fleas do not feed on humans, they can harm your animals and they make your area unsanitary with these tiny bugs crawling in your living space. To effectively get rid of these bugs, you can seek the assistance of a company that specialize in exterminator services along with other flea prevention techniques. Here are some ways to make your home flea-free. If you have a yard, consider trimming theRead More

3 Tips In Hiring Junk Hauling Technicians 

Hiring a team of junk hauling experts is one of the things that will save the day if you want to clean and organize your home or office space. Apart from having a hassle-free cleaning and disposing experience, it will also eliminate physical stress that you will inevitably experience when cleaning a space. Clean-outs mean that you need to carry or lift heavy boxes, dispose old furniture and pack items that are no longer needed. However, if you hire a team of residential dumpster experts, you can forget about lifting,Read More

3 Tips In Choosing FTL Dedicated Truckload Freight

Some industries require truck and transport companies, such as FTL Dedicated Truckload Freight. Some of these industries are food industry, freight or shipping, pharmaceuticals and moving industries, and many others. If your business needs to transport goods and hire trucks to deliver your services, it is vital for you look for a transport company that you can hire on a regular basis.  If you find it daunting to choose a transport company, take a look at these tips. On-time delivery of service For service-oriented industries, time is of the essence. Read More

Did Apple Inadvertently Remove Its Online Reviews?

One of the ways to gain the trust and confidence of consumers is by promoting a positive online image. Most people who are seeking for employment will read King Kong reviews to find out whether the company is trustworthy and reliable. Consumers of products and services will likely share positive reviews to people they know to help generate leads and conversions. AppleInsider has reported that Apple has removed reviews and ratings from the online store last November. What is the reason behind the mysterious removal of reviews? So far, AppleRead More

Apple Suddenly Removes Reviews

With the importance of online presence, online reviews are more important now than ever. That’s why companies put a lot of stock into those King Kong SEO reviews and the like. So, when Apple quietly removed their Reviews and Ratings section from its online stores, people took notice. Appleinsider was the first to take notice of the change, which happened suddenly and quietly over a weekend late November 2019 in Apple’s US, UK, and Australian stores, all at the same time. The media outlet notes that this is a signRead More

Iran Responds To Protests By Shutting Down The Internet

Tech talents are always on the lookout for companies that will support their desire for career growth and development. Digital companies have to compete with other businesses in attracting the best digitally-skilled talents. A good reference tool for tech talents is King Kong reviews to learn what employees think about the digital agency. Iran has reportedly shut down almost all internet access to the country as retaliation to escalating protests that were ignited by the increase in fuel prices. According to NetBlock, an NGO that monitors cyber security and governanceRead More

What Is Neoprene And Its Advantages?

If you are wondering What is Neoprene? This material is a type of polymer that is produced through polymerization of chloroprene. The chloroprene brings all the molecules together through a chemical reaction which then creates polychloroprene chips.  These chips are melted and mixed with several foaming agents and carbon pigments for them to be baked until the material expands. At the end of the process, sheets of neoprene are produced. Neoprene is available in later and solid rubber forms. A lot of industries are using neoprene because of several reasons.Read More

Is Russia Establishing A Tightly Controlled Domestic Internet?

Everything can now be purchased online from the nude undershirt to used cars and gadgets. However, what will happen if a county decides to control domestic internet? Over the past year, Russia has spoken about the establishment of a domestic internet that is tightly controlled by the government and disconnected entirely from the global internet. Russia is planning to execute the supposedly disconnection test of the internet on November 1 when the new law on domestic internet kicks into gear with plans to repeat the test every year. Many haveRead More

Apple Follows China’s Will And Removes Hong Kong Protest Map App From App Store

Cartography, as it is, is serious business. But when Landscape maps start dealing with things like geopolitics and sovereign territories, then things get really prickly, as Apple was made all too aware of recently. Apple recently took heat for allowing on its app store. The app is used by the country’s pro-democracy protesters to track the HKPF’s movements, and the country immediately took notice, with state media blasting the tech company for allowing the app on their market, saying that the company would face consequences for allowing such aRead More

German Auto Component Company ZF Friedrichshafen Puts Out €2.7bn For Eurobonds

Business acquisitions are nothing uncommon to the motoring industry, with companies like EBC Brakes familiar with the prospect, as many major companies are moving constantly to get their hands on as many affiliates and subsidiaries as they can. One of the latest of such developments is the acquisition of the US-based braking system company, Wabco, by the German company ZF Friedrichshafen (ZF), which happened earlier in March of 2019. ZF would acquire the US-based company for US$136.50/share, amounting to a total equity value of approximately US$7bn. Now, the German autoRead More