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Phuket Army Chief Guaranteed The Island Is Safe

The Army Chief assigned in Phuket, Col Santi Sakuntanark, gave assurance to travellers that the island of Phuket is safe. There is no verified threat regarding bomb attacks in areas of Phattalung and Satun. Despite the lack of threat, he said that tourists who are coming to the island for private boat in Phuket has nothing to fear because they have increased their security patrols especially in major tourist areas as well as main government buildings. The same precaution was done at the Phuket International Airport. Col Santi said thatRead More

Google Tries To Sanitize The Internet By Filtering Toxic Comments

The internet has become a very powerful tool for communications and exchanges of ideas. It is also the most convenient and efficient source of information regarding products and services. The best proof is Google that almost everyone uses to search for a myriad of products from urban map illustration to the latest brand of sports shoes. Meanwhile, those who have spent a meaningful time on the internet will always advice you not read comments. Every time you sift through comments in social media, you can expect some vulgar and profaneRead More

Services Offered At Tecrep24 Residential Computer Repair

Computer problems can be encountered anytime when you are working with it at home. These problems are unpredictable that can give you frustration and inconveniences. It is always wise to be prepared with a ready contact of professional technicians who can offer various services to address your needs. The services offered by Tecrep24 residential computer repair company cover almost all types of computer issues to serve the different needs of their clients. When your computer breaks down, you need to have it repaired quickly in your home. Bringing your gadgetRead More

Digital Transformation Through Internet Of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) will be a major driver of digital transformation in the specialist transport services and will allowdelivery drivers to know which shipments to focus on in real time. IoT will help logistics business transportation processes to optimize driver’s schedules, reduce delivery times and increase efficiency. One of the major sources of streaming data that powers IoT will come from sensors. Connected things will include a host of sensors including accelerometers, heat and humidity components, pressure components, cameras and microphones. Industries that will benefit from connected thingsRead More

From Password As Login Standard To Fingerprints And Facial Recognition

The internet has become an indispensable part of everyone’s life today. An individual searching for family dining in Helensburg will use a computer or mobile phone to find the nearest restaurant to his location. A student who is doing research will opt for Google search instead of the school library. With smart technology, your appliances including the security system will be connected to the internet. The Worldwide Web Consortium and FIDO Alliance recently announced Web Authn or web authentication as an official web standard. The login format which required aRead More

World Sight Day Challenge Manages To Raise More Than $1 Million

World Sight Day Challenge is an annual event, with participating companies and professionals, like Opticians in Jannali and across the AU, working together to raise money for charity. Optometry Giving Sight recently released the final tally for the donation money raised by the 2018 iteration of the event, which had about 160 companies and 360 optometry practices across the world participating in the event. Optometry Giving Sight reports that the 2018 World Sight Day Challenge managed to raise US$970,00 (AU$1.35 million), which they say is enough to provide eye care,Read More

How To Choose A Chiropractor In Western Sydney

Chiropractic is the best treatment if you want a hands-on approach without the need for surgery or medications. The chiropractor in Western Sydney can help heal your spine, joint and muscle health problems.  You need to rely on the chiropractor’s expertise and knowledge to completely heal you from your current condition. How to find the right chiropractor will need you to consider some of these factors: Gather Referrals If you need chiropractic treatment, you can begin with your healthcare doctor. You can also ask people you know about recommended chiropractorsRead More

How Google Gathers Data From Its User’s Activities

Maps are navigational tools used for directions. There are different types of maps from the map illustrations created by Maria Rabinky to Google Maps that help a person find a route for travelling whether bicycle-friendly roads or unpaved trails. When you have an Android phone, you can use it to download Google Maps for street views, real time traffic conditions or public transportation. However, do you know that Google can also track things about you like where you have been using Google Location Services? When you download the Google MapRead More

Music Industry Fighting Back Against ‘Fee Free’ Regulation

Music events, common across the AU and the world, are great for companies that handle marquee hire in Brisbane and across the country, and the NSW government is aware of that fact, with a new regulation reportedly aimed at promoting the music scene. Gladys Berejiklian’s government announced that licenses for low-risk music festivals in NSW will be free under the government’s new licensing scheme. The scheme is set to start on March 1, with Minister for Racing Paul Toole saying that the state’s vibrant music scene needs to be protectedRead More

Data Centres Protected From Even The Most Sophisticated Threats

Why pay for electricity when there is solar on the Gold Coast that can eliminate your power bills? Electricity is an indispensable part of life but if you live in Australia where the sun shines for most of year, you can reduce electricity bills when the unlimited potential of the sun’s energy is harnessed. Meanwhile, the internet is or has already become an indispensable need for majority of people in almost every part of the globe. From being a source of information and tool for communication, the internet has alsoRead More

No Profit For Harley-Davidson Because Of Trump Tariffs

Harley-Davidson Inc is already considered an icon in America when it comes to producing motorbikes. The company has also venture to motorbike protective clothing and other accessories yet the last quarter was not a good one for them as they almost did not even reach the breakeven point. This is because of the challenges they had to face with the trade wars that were initiated by US President Donald Trump. The shares of the motorcycle manufacture took a dive as the highest recorded since. The manufacturer which is headquartered inRead More