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Baton Rouge To Welcome Six New Public Schools

This coming August, Baton Rouge is expected to welcome six more public schools which are currently under construction. The opening is just in time for the beginning of the new school year 2018 to 2019. These new schools might new a school furniture supplier in order to have the basic needs inside the school campus such as desks, chairs and cabinets.

Aside from these projects, the Park Elementary is also under remodelling but completion date will not be until August of next year. According to officials, the rebuilding was done in order to transform the school into what is known as the 21st Century School. Park Elementary will showcase futuristic designs and it is expected to be the new model of the public schools to be constructed in the East Baton Rouge Parish in the next few years. The only issue with designs like that in Park Elementary is that the cost is higher compared to traditional designs adapted by public schools.

Two out of the six public schools under construction are sponsored by the school system of East Baton Rouge Parish. These are the EBR Career and Technical Education Center and the Broad moor Elementary. These two schools are expected to be operation when the first day of school in August starts which is going to be on the 9th. According to contractors, they are still finishing the items included in their punch list.

Warren Drake, the superintendent, was able to check out these two facilities. He is proud with the developments and commented that people might find Broadmoor to be quite impressive. He expects the students and parents to be blown away because of the massive structure of the school.

The EBR CTEC career center is similar to an industrial setting which features huge spaces for work bays, utilities and wirings are exposed and only a handful of traditional classrooms present. Drake explained that the design was intended to be flexible in order to adapt with the changing demand of the local workforce. They have already acquired items from school furniture supplier and the facility can grow in the future if necessary.

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