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Choosing The Perfect Holiday Gift

Gift giving especially during the holidays can be quite tricky as you want to make sure that the recipient will love or enjoy the gift. There is no rule book when it comes to gifting. According to Margaret who is already 81 years old and has already received quiet a number of gifts in her lifetime, the best gift she has received is the flower box created by her own son outside of her room. The gift came after she transferred into housing for assisted living. This gift has always and continues to make Margaret happy whenever she recalls her son showing it to her. Gifts like these are the ones that make up the best gifts since it includes three of the most important element in gift giving – generosity, insight and the emotional impact it gives to the recipient.

Generosity does not refer to the amount of money spent on a certain gift. This implies that a person would be willing to give anything to make someone happy without expecting anything in return such as rewards or in the form of an exchange gifts. Though money would ensure that one will be able to give the ones they love the best as they have the means to pay for it, it is not the only option. There are those that could give a priceless gift by giving their time, attention and love into something.

Insight is the ability of a person to see what another person really needs or long for. A gift will be as memorable to someone who wanted to have that very thing for years no matter how big or small. It is rare for someone to see what another person craves the most without true care. For Margaret’s son, he saw how her mother loves her garden and the longing to have another outlet has given her so much happiness.

Lastly, emotional impact is very important as it makes the memory of the gift giving last a lifetime. This is why people love to wrap gifts in elegant wrappers such as black gift box and the recipient would have to wait until Christmas time to open the gift no matter how eager. The waiting adds to the excitement which makes the whole thing a memorable experience. Add all these three and you will be able to give your loved ones the best holiday gift this Christmas.

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