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City Of Peterborough Facing Rat Infestation

Andrew Golloher, a pest control expert based in Peterborough said that nowadays his company is receiving more and more calls from both residential and commercial property owners. They are asking to hire his rat control services. These calls are coming from areas of Marmora, Peterborough, Millbrook, Lindsay and Omemee. This is following the trend of demand for pest control in Sydney because of the increase in the number of rodents. Prior to this, he admitted that majority of their calls are from farmers who are struggling with rodent infestation.

Golloher is the owner of Andy’s Pest Control and he said that they are witnessing an increase in the number of calls complaining about rats. The highest record is during the season of fall because this is a time for rodents to nest inside homes because they are craving the warm surroundings. This is not the case with the previous year because they get consistent calls before and after the fall season. It means that their client calls are nonstop all throughout the year regardless if it was winter, summer, fall or spring.

Golloher said that they cannot pinpoint a single reason for the rise in infestation but a part of it is due to recent developments all over the region. Many areas are being run by bulldozer in order to pave way for new houses thus disturbing the natural habitats of the rodents. The rats nesting in the country are running away into the big city.

Golloher explained that rats are very smart animals and there are cases wherein you can’t get rid of them in just a single attempt. Once they are able to survive a certain method, they wouldn’t fall for it again.

Another proof is the testimony of a pest control company in the area claiming that they have only receive around five calls about rats inside a decade but in the past five years they get rat called at least three times every week. While majority of the homeowners are hiring professionals following the procedure of pest control in Sydney, there are those who are taking matters in their own hands by buying and setting up traps as well as poison.

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