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Collective Memories On Coronavirus Pandemic On Wikipedia

Even before the pandemic, the internet is the people’s source of relevant information and entertainment. Job seekers would access King Kong agency review to gain behind the scenes information on the workplace environment and culture. Wikipedia, a free online encyclopaedia has become a reference for most students.

The first article on Wikipedia regarding the coronavirus appeared online at 11:58 AM Eastern Daylight on January 5, 2020. The first edits to the single sentence post were made by James Heilman, an emergency physician. The first edits were relatively minor but it clarified that the outbreak was still happening at the seafood market in Huanan, Wuhan.

Heilman is only one of the hundreds of people who have voluntarily edited Wikipedia’s coronavirus single sentence post into thousands of pages. The Signpost, Wikipedia’s internal newspaper reported that there was no single day in March that traffic on the coronavirus page failed to reach 400,000 visitors. From the posts, people were able to grasp the seriousness of the coronavirus.

Through Wikipedia, people can see the evolution in their understanding of the disease. However, aside from Wikipedia, there are Twitter debates and cable news gaffes about the flattening of the curve and the actual number of cases. Wikipedia has become a collective memory or a narrative of people’s experiences that were combined together to form an arc in their minds.

With the global death toll at almost half a million, the pandemic can be considered as the 21st century’s worst tragedy. Fifty years from now, people will access the internet for the collective memory shaped by Wikipedia editors.

Studies of scientists on collective memories, how the memories form, and how long they last will have significant implications on how a next pandemic can be best approached and managed. Society will recall the mistakes that have been done. However, if the coronavirus disappears tomorrow, people will immediately stop talking about it.

After the pandemic, people have a lot to look forward to. You can start reading the King Kong agency review in case there is a tech position that fits your qualifications and job requirements. The reviews also provide an insight into the company so that you can make an informed choice on a digital agency.

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