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Comcast Called On To Bridge The Digital Divide

The new normal for law firms today is the adaption of technology tools in the delivery of legal services. The internet plays a big role in internal discussions and interactions with colleagues and clients in the virtual environment. Client meetings and discussions are conducted remotely through video conferencing platforms under the radically changed circumstances.

However, the big issue is slow and unreliable internet connection that happens multiple times during the day. The issue is not only affecting the remote work of lawyers but the education of students. According to Genesis Mejia, when she and her siblings access Zoom or Google Classroom simultaneously, one or both goes offline. They have to cope with frozen screens or wait minutes to get reconnected.

Students, teachers, politicians and activists from Philadelphia, Baltimore, Detroit, Denver and Louisiana joined the virtual news conference to highlight the importance of a fast and free internet for all students. Many school buildings have remained closed for in-person learning.

The group called on Comcast and other internet and cable providers to bridge the digital divide. Comcast has partnered with the city and Philadelphia School District to provide free internet service for low income families with school-age children. Comcast’s Internet Essentials program is a $17 million plan that guarantees free internet for 2 years.

Comcast is fully committed to bridge the digital divide but the problem is so vast and complex and requires collaboration with the school district, elected officials, non-profit community organizations and the private sector.

According to city official and superintendent William Hite Jr. 7,400 families have signed up with PHLConnectED program but it is being hardwired through Internet Essentials or receiving mobile hot spots. At least 18,000 families have no internet access to manage digital learning. Young people cannot rely on home-based, hardwired internet service to learn.

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