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Cyber Security Solutions For Small Businesses

The internet has become very important for small businesses because it made them easily searchable and more accessible to consumers. For example, an event planner can communicate directly with marquee hire in Melbourne through its website. However, there are also critical issues online that can compromise the integrity of a business whether big or small.

Cyber security breaches have destroyed businesses one after the other. This motivated the creation of a security management portal specifically for small businesses. It is devastating for a company to close its doors after a ransomware attack. There are companies that have lost thousands of dollars because their network was infiltrated by a virus. There are countless stories involving cyber security breaches with 98% of them unreported.

The new CarbonCore small business cyber security solution provides assistance to small businesses whose owners are too busy running the business and do not have enough time for cyber security policies and practices. Aside from a free cyber security policy document, there is training handbook for staff and document that outlines the proper management of a cyber security event.

However, many small businesses still wonder whether it is worth their efforts to consider cyber security. They only need to look at the continuing uproar over the federal government’s My Health Record (MHR) that has been plagued with apprehension about data security and sharing of information with third parties. The outcry clearly demonstrates the fact that people are concerned about the issues on privacy and protection of their personal data.

Governments, large corporations and small businesses revolve around each other in the ecosystem that is intrinsically linked. This means that one cannot function without demonstrating confidence in the security of the enabling solution. There is no greater threat to an ecommerce platform than people who are not confident of the settings and infrastructure that they are required to use for transactions.

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