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Did Apple Inadvertently Remove Its Online Reviews?

One of the ways to gain the trust and confidence of consumers is by promoting a positive online image. Most people who are seeking for employment will read King Kong reviews to find out whether the company is trustworthy and reliable. Consumers of products and services will likely share positive reviews to people they know to help generate leads and conversions.

AppleInsider has reported that Apple has removed reviews and ratings from the online store last November. What is the reason behind the mysterious removal of reviews?

So far, Apple has not done any policing on its customer’s reviews unlike other manufacturers that hide negative reviews posted on their website. Even when products received low ratings, Apple did not bother to hide them from consumers. For some people, negative reviews on some Apple products increases their trust on the brand.

According to an AppleInsider tipster, reviews were removed from the Apple stores in the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia. It looks like a purposeful move and not a mistake on Apple’s part. A brief check will confirm that reviews were also removed from online marketplaces in other countries.

The tipster also noticed the recent Estoppers video that was posted online a day before Apple removed the reviews and ratings. The video highlighted a number of negative reviews in the Apple Store. At the time of writing, the video has already generated about 58,000 views. However, it is very unlikely for the video to be the reason behind Apple’s removal of reviews. After all, Apple is used to receiving negative press.

There is a possibility that the removal was a mistake. It is also possible that Apple is revamping the review system so that it temporarily removed the online reviews. So far, Apple has not issued any official explanation.

Your brand is only as good as your reputation. While positive King Kong reviews can improve the company’s online reputation, it is also important to manage false information and vicious rumours that will affect trust and confidence. Even reputable and trustworthy companies manage to get their share of misleading and inaccurate information that can lead to customers avoiding the service.

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