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Different Reactions Regarding The New Rail Project Of Trans-Vietnam

According to Nguyen Ngoc Dong, the deputy minister of transport, the agency has been conducting a pre-feasibility survey regarding the proposed high-speed rail project.

The report that will be gathered from the pre-feasibility study will be used to analyze how effective is the project, its scale, the capability of the government to raise the needed funds as well as the proper timetable.

Dong also added that the ministry wants to try hand over the report to the country’s government within the next two years if possible. Once the report is given the go signal by the National Assembly, the agency will then start the project’s mobilization in order to gather the funds needed for its completion.

He also shared that the report will be able to give clarity regarding the investment performance as well as an evaluation regarding the State. The final decision will still be in the hands of the National Assembly.

Vietnam Railways Corporation’s deputy general director, Doan Duy Hoach, said in a statement that because of the limited infrastructure in the current railway system, the railway transport was not able to give the passengers their long time demands.

Hoach also added that there around 300 weak parts of the bridges that are located along the north to south line of the railway. This is the reason why the load of the trains as well as the speed is set with a limit. The passenger ships are only allowed to travel at a maximum speed of 80 km per hour while the cargo trains can only go as fast as 50 km per hour.

He shared that there are many advantages to the proposed railway transport including a high cargo limit which can be transported over a long distance and a high speed, more than 100 km per hour, which is still safe in order to meet the current demands of the commuters. This is why it is ideal to go ahead with the north to south high speed rail system in order to replace the current trains in Vietnam that are not to the standard the public are expecting.

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