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Digital marketing industry goes on beyond success. With its overwhelming growth, it has bred a lot of digital marketing news sources of the latest marketing updates and trends. Here are some examples:


  • Inside Google Ads Blog – There are news sources that can break Google Ads developments quickly. This is a proof that the ultimate venue to get updates about the latest features of Google Ads, the AdWords blogs, is the right source especially for PPC marketers who need to be aware of what is happening around. However, it is important to note that when talking about the juicier news about Google Ads, you should also need to check elsewhere.


  • Search Engine Land – If searching is your habit, then perhaps you have already read about Search Engine Land. This digital marketing news source also functions as an organizer and host of Search Marketing Expo (SMCX), an annual anticipated conference. This is also known as a go-to news source, either for breaking headlines or extensive analysis. Thus, Search Engine Land only deserves to be in the RSS feed of search marketers.


  • Search Engine Watch – This digital marketing news source covers everything that you want to know about digital marketing. Apart from the breaking news and updated content, Search Engine Watch also has an analysis of the trends and articles that will be helpful for you to do better in the search market. More and more digital marketing companies enjoy this news source. King Kong, for one, gathers great King Kong digital marketing reviews because of the benefits of Search Engine Watch.


  • Search Engine Journal – The success of Search Engine Journal cannot be denied. Started as a small and simple blog, it has emerged into a popular and trusted source of Internet marketing news because of its features. It is part of the events business where it runs the SEJ Summit. In addition, it serves as a host of the Marketing Nerds podcast. If you are running a business, getting into SEJ is an ideal way to get high appreciation from your clients. The positive words of King Kong digital marketing reviews are some examples that may inspire you.

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