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DIY Is Not For Everything Or Everyone

Aussies, much like the rest of the world are very fond of reality TV shows. One kind of reality TV focuses on DIY for home renovations. One such show is The Block and has influenced many to the extent that they believe that they can do DIY for everything in the home, especially when the draw is that people are able to save on the labour part of the budget. As a professional renovator, Cheri Barber actually agrees, but only up to the extent that safety, results, and regulations, allow. Her experience in renovating more than 40 homes from age 21, makes her a great resource when it comes to renovation, DIY or otherwise.


She explains that in order to remove some of the expense on labour, people can most certainly work on their homes themselves, especially when it comes to minor and cosmetic renovations. She lists indoor and outdoor painting of the homes as something that an amateur can very easily do, which will save on a lot of money. Some flooring changes can also easily be done with just some DIY instructions and some vinyl floor planks that even now come in self-adhesive forms. Some demolition work can also be done DIY style, especially for removing old tiles, peeling off some old wall paper, or taking floor coverings off. Just these things done by home owners themselves are enough to save a big chunk of money.


Barber emphasises that not everything can be done DIY and certainly not everyone can do DIY. Plumbing, electricity, and structural work must be given over to professionals for safety and regulations concerns. When changes like these are done to a home, a certificate of home warranty insurance would be required. Any home renovation professional in Sydney would definitely be able to handle of the above. There are many providers of floor sanding services in Sydney that would ensure that there is only a good impression of the floors upon renovation. This is definitely worth the expense to see expert floor finish.


Any home can benefit from a tasteful renovation, but it can only be a benefit if the results are good, balanced with cost. DIY can be a great option for those who intend to cut down on the labour expense, but it is not the answer to all home improvement questions. There are many providers of plumbing, electricity, structure, and floor sanding services in Sydney that could ensure that safety, results, and regulations are met.

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