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Engineering Innovations Introduce Glass Balustrades

Balconette, Surrey-based balustrade specialists is going to launch Hybrid, a new look for glass-walled balconies. Hybrid is a leading edge system that creates a new category of balustrades that will sit in between the traditional alternatives of post-supported and structural frameless glass. The glass balustrades will allow a better view of the environment at the cost and convenience of traditional post-supported designs.

The Hybrid category will allow wide runs of glass that can be installed with few vertical posts. It will provide the project with a high-end look with low cost and easy installation process. People who buy homes with balconies do so for the view and not to look at a row of metal posts. Fully frameless glass balustrades can provide an uninterrupted view of the landscape but it can be quite expensive and requires complex structural fittings. However, the value gained is certainly worth the investment.

One the hand, Hybrid promises to offer structural glass at half the price because of its innovative engineering design. Excellent structural integrity is achieved through the use of invisible bracing placed within an elegant self-supporting handrail that does not require vertical support.

4-meter glass runs are now possible without vertical supports even for balconies that turn a corner or with the curved design. In fact, a 3-sided balustrade square is possible at 12 meters without the need for posts. Instead of extensive footing that is usually a requirement in the installation of structural glass, glass balustrades from Hybrid design only use slim surface mounting. Installation can even be done by DIYers and builders.

Architects are given a more practical alternative to structural glass with similar clean lines. Contrary to general assumption, the most expensive styles of balustrades can be purchased for half the price. Panels of toughened glass are produced in different tint options from the standard clear and other customized colors.

If you are interested in the glass balustrade cost per meter, don’t hesitate to ask for a quote from this website. Glass balustrades can be used for contemporary building designs that require enhanced visibility and transparency. The interiors will be saturated with natural light which is very important for energy efficiency.

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