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Four Steps To Secure An Admission For Your Child In A School That Suits His Needs And Interests

Parents are confused when it comes to schooling their children. There are many options like private schools, public schools, home schooling etc. The decision is very important as the school, you select plays a major role in the development of your child.

Here are some helpful tips to choose the best secondary school in Bangkok for your child.

  1. Consider the Needs of Your Child

Assess the needs of your child before you embark on the task of searching for a school. Do not just select a school because your friends or relatives child goes to that school. Each child is different and the school should suit the needs of your child. Consider the child’s needs, his learning style and choose a secondary school in Bangkok that nurtures your child’s interests.

  1. Search for Schools and Gather Information about Them

This is an important step that will help you to choose the right school for the child. Gather information from relatives and friends, whose children attend the school. You can attend school open houses or parent fairs to get an idea about the school. Use internet and parent forums to read reviews about the schools, you are interested to get an admission for your child. Most reputed schools have their own websites, where you can get information about the policies of the school, courses offered, curriculum, fee structure, information about alumni etc. Gather as much information as you can, it will help you to make an informed decision and choose a school that is best for the child.

  1. Request a School Visit

Once you gather information and shortlist a few schools, contact the schools and request for a school visit. Most of the schools provide school visits with prior appointment. Visit the school during the regular school hours to get an idea about how the school functions. Observe the teachers, staff and students closely. Request an appointment with school principal. Ask questions about the policies and processes in the school.

  1. Apply for Admission

The last step is to apply to the schools, you think are best for your child. Apply for more than one school as there are chances most of the reputed schools have waiting list for admissions. Begin the process of searching for schools and applying for admissions early to ensure that you can meet all the deadlines. Admission process varies from one to school to another. It is advisable to visit the school website and know about the admission process.

These are the four steps to ensure that your child gets admission in a good secondary school in Bangkok that promotes his interests and leads to overall growth and development.

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