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From Password As Login Standard To Fingerprints And Facial Recognition

The internet has become an indispensable part of everyone’s life today. An individual searching for family dining in Helensburg will use a computer or mobile phone to find the nearest restaurant to his location. A student who is doing research will opt for Google search instead of the school library. With smart technology, your appliances including the security system will be connected to the internet.

The Worldwide Web Consortium and FIDO Alliance recently announced Web Authn or web authentication as an official web standard. The login format which required a password will now be changed in favour of biometrics like fingerprints, facial recognition or security keys on smartphones and smart watches.

For example, if a user chooses to login using the fingerprint or their face, the information will only be stored on the device and not on the server. Unique credentials could stop companies from following and tracking the movements of users on the internet. However, this does not mean that the password will be killed but it is reaching the end of its life as a safe internet security credential.

Popular browsers like Google chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox and Apple Safari are already supporting WebAuthn and it is expected that other sites will follow in integrating web authentication as the standard login option. Dropbox and Microsoft were among the first to adopt WebAuthn.

Passwords can be problem for many people because they have to remember letters, number, etc that have been registered to their email account. Passwords have to be changed frequently to prevent hackers from accessing the account. The new login standard eliminates the need to memorize passwords or change it a new one every now and then. If you have several accounts on the net, it means you have to remember different passwords otherwise you have to create a new password every time you login.

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