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Here’s What You Need To Look For In E-Commerce Software Suites

Right now, there is no denying the popularity of online stores. In fact, back in 2013, almost 95% of American teens are shopping online and growing. Now, teens aren’t the only one who’s shopping online. This might be good news for the online retail industry but as consumers continue to increase in number, this also pose a problem with the e-retailers struggling to meet demands. With this reason, there could be no better timing for mortar-and-brick stores to branch into the online world.

Not only would your business’s audience will be expanded but you’ll also become exposed to multiple business opportunities. Like product design which makes use of online design software, you would need e-commerce software to help you build your online store accompanied by the help of professional online store builders. E-commerce software suites provide an all-in-one experience to business owners and are quickly becoming a trend. All-in-one e-commerce software suites provide back-end support for the promotion and selling of goods online.

Now if you plan to go for an e-commerce software suite, here’s what you need to look for.

  1. Smooth Checkout. You should understand that when a customer gets frustrated with the number of clicks to checkout, he or she would likely abandon the cart. That is why it is important that you find software that would allow smooth checkout in order to add to the user experience of the customer.
  2. Safety & Security. Customers would not make a purchase if they think they can’t trust a website, especially in terms of payment and money. That is why you should make sure that your online store is at Level 1 PCI compliant with a platform that makes use of the leading payment processors like Paypal and Stripe.
  3. Mobile Friendly. There is an increasing amount of mobile users lately and most of them tend to access the Internet via their mobile devices and it would be great if you would gain access to this audience as well.
  4. Analytics Tools. You need to find a platform that would help you collect data which you can study. Of course you would need to monitor your online store’s performance so that you know when to up the level in case something goes wrong.
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