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How Google Gathers Data From Its User’s Activities

Maps are navigational tools used for directions. There are different types of maps from the map illustrations created by Maria Rabinky to Google Maps that help a person find a route for travelling whether bicycle-friendly roads or unpaved trails. When you have an Android phone, you can use it to download Google Maps for street views, real time traffic conditions or public transportation.

However, do you know that Google can also track things about you like where you have been using Google Location Services? When you download the Google Map app, it can be used to track your to and fro activities throughout the day particularly if Sat Nav system is used in the car.

Google will know your home address, work address and the routes that you regularly use to commute. Information can be gathered regarding the distance travelled within the day whether driven or walked. All of this data collected will be used to target their ads to gain your attention. Soon enough, you will start to see more car ads whenever you browse the internet.

Google has been producing useful apps for decades and they allow people to use them for free. In the last few decades, you will notice that Google is not just a search engine; it has become an information gathering machine. Adwords which was launched in 2000 is Google’s largest source of income. Even if you are not using Adwords, you are exposed to millions of blogs and sites with advertisements that get funding from the payments received for displaying Google advertisements.

Google is transparent with the data it collects from users. You can see them from the “Your Data” page where your name, email address, birthday, gender, phone number and country are kept. Google also collects data from the ads you clicked on, your location, device information, IP address and cookie data.

Meanwhile, if you need map illustrations, Maria Rabinky can create panoramic map illustrations the way that birds or pilots see the landscape. Clients are guaranteed that the map illustrations whether of communities, campuses or facilities are created using a combination of geographic and architectural skills and creativity.

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