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How To Increase Web Traffic For B2B And B2C? site is your source for ribbons that can be used for packaging a gift, for personal adornment, for embellishing clothing and as hair accessory. You school do-it-yourself projects can also be decorated with ribbons or it can highlight a wedding invitation.
If you do a search for ribbons on the net, you will find the number of results quite staggering. How will you ensure that will gain the most traffic from visitors? Most business entrepreneurs do not have the same advertising budget as their large counterparts and neither can they afford the services of marketers. However, the digital world allows small businesses to be on equal footing as their rich competitors. One great marketing tool is Facebook.

Whether you are B2B or B2C, you can set up a remarketing audience in Facebook. Install the Facebook tracking pixel on your site so that you can continue to market to users who have visited your site. Facebook is also a great way to create return traffic to your business website and blogs. Through Facebook, you can also give your email list a second life. Instead of simply sending emails to your customers, upload the list on Facebook and capture the social accounts of anyone who happens to have an email address attached to the Facebook accounts.

Twitter works the same as Facebook when it comes to remarketing. Simply install the Twitter pixel and target the sites of your Twitter visitors. There is a difference however with Twitter and Facebook, since you will require a higher minimum audience count, 500 people to be exact before you can start advertising. Target twitter visitors through their mobile devices by uploading emails into Twitter but make sure you get at least 500 Twitter users.
Twitter card is another great tool that can be used to drive traffic to your website. Twitter cards are larger tweets that can incorporate images with buttons built into the tweets. Twitter cards will allow you engaging call to action buttons with attractive images to stream and special functions like download attached directly to the tweets. Tweets that contain images get 18 more clicks than tweets that contain text.

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