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How To Make HCG Supplement More Effective

HCG supplement is a type of product that is proven effective and when it comes to getting rid of extra fats and excess weight in your body. HCG supplements are popular because of their ability to eliminate excess fats even without heavy and regular exercise. However, you can lose extra weight faster if you would contribute effort on your slimming process. One of the guarantees of HCG drops is you can achieve your ideal weight even without engaging in heavy exercise and without heavy diet.  However, to help HCG achieve your targets faster and for the product to deliver its full potential, consider the following suggestions:

Trim down your calorie

To help make HCG drops work, limit your calorie consumption every day. At the first two days of HCG intake, you will be advised to eat as many fatty and starchy foods as you can such as pork or meat, avocado, eggs, nuts and potatoes. This will fill your fat storages and the process is important in order for your body to have fats that they can to energy. But after two days, the starvation of your fat stores shall commence. To achieve this, limit your calorie consumption of up to 500-550 a day while you take HCG Supplement. Calorie intake reduction will help your body achieve your target weight because you will feel lesser food craving especially with HCG drops.

Remain physically active

While taking HCG drops, you are advised not to engage in strenuous physical activities such as heavy, regular exercise because you will immediately consume your calories. You will be encouraged though, to remain physically active by doing light exercise such as 30-40 minute walking, two times a week. Even if you exercise or not, your body will still naturally lose weight but for health reasons and to boost your immune system, remain active physically.

Drink ample amount of water

To flush out toxins and help in eliminating excess body fats, drink plenty of water or at least two litters of water every day as you take HCG supplement. This will rejuvenate your cells and boost the slimming process.

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