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How WhatsApp Became A Store Front For Those Diamond Rings

There are other ways to purchase that diamond engagement ring aside from going physically to a jewellery store. This other way is true to the modern life: a couple using their smartphones, chatting to a vendor about the latest styles and favourite designs. This is all possible in the WhatsApp group chat.

The reasons for using WhatsApp

Rare Pink is a start-up which sells bespoke diamond rings. It said that its sales associates are experiencing this same scenario when it began communicating with clients through WhatsApp from early 2015.

Ten percent of its clients, mostly men buying for their fiancée, specifically asked to communicate with the sales team exclusively through the messaging app. For a lot of people, this is the only available method online when at work, if they are not allowed access to social media or their own email accounts.

For other people, this prevents them from getting tracked by advertisers and from getting online ads for diamond engagement rings popping up when their fiancée opens the laptop.

Nikola Piriankov, the co-founder and CEO of Rare Pink, said that many of their clients are men, who are worried that the secret is going to be caught.

However, even when their fiancées are part of the group discussion in WhatsApp, they still use the messaging app. People prefer an ongoing chat interface, including the ease of browsing through the photo attachments that are otherwise not possible with the traditional e-mail.

The clients usually communicate back and forth with sales associates for a few weeks prior to them finally deciding to purchase the ring from Rare Pink. Their rings are $4,500 on average, according to Piriankov. Likewise, the whole process which involves designing, picking and talking price are going to take place in the app entirely. Only the payment process is done outside the app, and it is done through Rare Pink’s website.

WhatsApp still is the most traditional messaging app. Currently; it almost has 1 billion active users per month.


Whether a person is looking for engagement rings in Melbourne or in other parts of the world, this is now made easier with technology and apps like WhatsApp.

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