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Importance Of Cyber Security For Transportation And Logistics Industry

When A.P. Moller-Maersk’s computer system became victim of a cyber attack on June 27, transport of products across the globe was disrupted. Delays of shipments were experienced at the ports of New York, New Jersey and Los Angeles as well as Europe’s largest port in Rotterdam and India’s container port in Mumbai. Maersk handles about 15% of the world’s seaborne manufactured trade.

For the transportation and logistics industry, the cyber attack of June 27 is a serious call to action for logistics companies to increase their efforts at strengthening cyber security. Aside from Maersk, there were also reports that other transportation and logistics giants were affected. The most recent ransomware attacks are a strong indication that the transportation and logistics industry is now on the hacker’s radar.

One reason for the increased interest is the industry’s efforts to digitize. Over the past few years, the logistics industry is automating its systems and using advanced analytics to provide the needs of its customers. Systems are now online but have become vulnerable to cyber attacks. The transportation and logistics is particularly tempting to hackers because they have access to major industries and public infrastructures in the likes of airports and ports where logistics companies operate.

The logistics industry is also global in nature with complex logistical chains created between manufacturers and other logistical companies. The industry is also fragmented since large transportation and logistics companies must work alongside small companies that are responsible for a short leg of the product’s transport from raw materials, to production, to retailer up to consumer. Since multiple technology systems are being used, it is important to have cyber security on every level.

The direct costs from cyber security breaches is growing exponentially which makes it important even for small courier companies to make use of sophisticated cyber security technology and comprehensive risk management techniques.

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