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Important Details You Need To Know Before Hiring A Plasterer

Plastering is not a do-it-yourself task. It needs a lot of experience and expertise to get the perfect finishing. It is essential to hire a professional plasterer, if you are thinking of getting interiors of new home done or a home improvement project. However, hiring a professional plasterer is a hectic task for homeowners. Here are some important points to know before, you find a plasterer for your project.

  1. How to choose a plasterer?

Ask for recommendations from family and friends or trusted trade websites and online forums, to get recommendations about plasterers in Sydney, who are highly experienced and reputed. Know about the quality of work, style of working, qualifications and experience of the plasterers. Speak to the previous clients of the plasterer and know about their experience. Inspect the ongoing projects of the plasterer to get an idea about the quality of work and the perfection with which it is done.

  1. What are different types of plastering?

Generally, there are two types of plastering. Wet plaster and Drylining. The wet plaster involves making a paste of gypsum or cement with water and applying it on the brickwork with a trowel. After the wet plaster is set, it forms an integral part of the wall and can be adorned with paint or wallpaper or any other decoration of your choice.

Drylining involves the use of paper-covered plaster boards, which are bonded or screwed on to the walls. You can opt for any of the methods depending on your preferences. The price quoted by the plaster depends on the method of plastering you choose, the area of the home and the quality of the materials used.

  1. How long will the plastering work take?

It is difficult to tell the exact time, a plastering project will take. It depends on many factors such as the area of the house, the type of plastering, the number of people working on it, the weather etc. However, discuss the estimated time frame to complete the project, when the plaster arrives at your home for a final discussion.

  1. What are the costs for hiring a plaster?

The costs of hiring a plasterer depends upon the requirements of your project. Most of the plasterers in Sydney, will provide a rough estimate online, if you tell them the dimensions of your home and the type of plastering required.

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