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Information Required To Fill The NC Tax ID Application

The tax ID number or the EIN number is a unique nine digit number issued by the IRS. The EIN is issued for purpose of identifying a business for taxation. All the business entities which hire employees and are liable to pay taxes should mandatorily obtain the tax ID.

Businesses can fill the North Carolina Tax ID application online, on the website of the IRS or choose to apply for the EIN through fax, mail or telephone. Most of the businesses prefer to apply for EIN online as the process is quick and simple. The number is issued instantly after completing the application process. The process of receiving EIN through fax takes up to four business days, through mail takes up to four weeks.

All the business which hire employees, need to obtain licenses and permits, pay taxes and require line of credit from banks need to file the North Carolina Tax ID application and obtain the nine digit identification number from the IRS. The EIN is also required to open checking accounts for the business in banks.

The North Carolina tax ID application requires the following details

  • The registered name of the company. Provide the accurate name of the business as mentioned in the registration certificate. Any discrepancies in the name might result in delay in the process.
  • The registered address of the business. This should be an actual address and not a PO Box.
  • Details of the responsible party. The responsible party is the person authorized to complete the formalities regarding the application process. He is the contact person of the company. The responsible person will undertake all the communication with the IRS and answers any questions, if the need arises.
  • Details about the organization structure of the business. All the different organization structures except sole proprietorships are required to obtain the tax ID number to carry on their business.
  • The mailing address of the business, in case it is different from the registered address. The IRS sends all the communication to the mailing address of the business.
  • Contact details like the telephone numbers and email address of the business. Each North Carolina Tax ID application must have a valid email id and contact phone numbers. This enables the department to contact you, in case of missing information or errors in the application.
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